Über den Woken

Important information about the handling process of delayed flight baggage at BER Airport

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
If you have contacted us because you have received information from the airport or your airline that your delayed flight baggage has been handed over to us for handling and delivery,
we would like to inform you that this information is incorrect.

This e-mail or SMS from the airport or your airline is an automatic information sent by the air traffic database when your suspected flight baggage was scanned upon landing at BER Airport.

Until this piece of luggage is actually handed over to us, there are still a number of handling steps and customs formalities to go through at the airport, which may take some time depending on the volume of luggage.
As soon as we have actually received the piece of luggage, a member of our staff will contact you to arrange an appointment for delivery.

We ask you to refrain from inquiries concerning the current status until we have contacted you.
Please note that we can only provide information about the status of the luggage after we physically take over a luggage.

Thank you for your understanding.
Your baggage service providers at BER Airport